Twenty One

It was 2:30 in the morning. Still riding the high of our escape, we decided to head for Honolulu. Gavin knew a place. An hour later we pulled into the fanciest resort I had ever seen. Judging by the array of high-end vehicles in the parking lot, this place was positively dripping with A-list clientele. I could practically smell the diamonds. The air was infused with exclusivity.

“Let’s sneak in and check it out,” Gavin suggested with a mischevious smile.

I bit my lip, “I think I might have had enough trouble for one night.”

He reached down and picked up my hand, pressing it firmly to his lips. “Come on, it will be an adventure! You only live once you know.” His eyes sparkled and flashed intensely.

“Yeah, I know. I’d just prefer to live once without a criminal record!”

Gavin laughed, “You know if we get caught I’ll be able to talk us out of it.”

I did know that. He could have talked us out of something a lot worse than just sneaking into a hotel.

“You know,” Gavin continued, “with a few obvious exceptions, you’ll never regret saying yes to a new experience.”

We bypassed the main entrance and snuck through the thick foliage surrounding the resort. We emerged out back, hopped over a small marble wall and found ourselves on a grand veranda. We held hands and walked slowly trying to look like wealthy tourists on a very early morning stroll. The moon illuminated everything around us, throwing the elaborate decorations into sharp relief. I was amazed by the grandiose statues that glowed bright white, even in the dark. Every detail was attended to, nothing left out of place or unpolished.

Giant stone dragons and mythical creatures stood guard at the base of a magnificent, cascading stairway. Exotic flowers erupted from every nook and cranny. Coy fish floated blissfully, snoozing in scattered ponds across the property. Gavin and I meandered toward the sea where we came to rest at a beautiful little enclave. Here we snuggled into each other to wait for the sun to emerge.

Multiple canals and inlets dotted the shoreline, connecting the resort to the sea, much like the one where we now stood. I leaned casually against the rope fence guarding the water as we waited.  We stood together, quietly watching the distant waves crashing in the moonlight. That’s when I heard a soft, squeaking noise emanating upward from below.

I looked down and gasped in surprise at the four wild dolphins bobbing at my heels. I spun around in surprise. They looked up at us playfully. We stood still, not wanting to move for fear of scaring them away. The only sounds were those of the dolphin’s giddy chirps and the wind rustling through the trees above.

Doubtlessly tired of waiting for our sluggish response, one of the dolphins suddenly rose up out of the sea and squirted a stream of water directly down the front of my shirt. I squealed in response, a high-pitched noise of my own, then broke into ecstatic laughter.

The others liked this game and followed suit. Gavin and I stood there, amazed, thrilled, unbelieving, laughing hysterically and getting wetter and wetter with each spray.

Slowly, I bent down and squatted next to the water. They were just out of reach but I could feel the swirling moisture of their breath coming out in bursts as they cavorted. Their skin shined like glass in the dim light. I had never been so enraptured.

The sun’s early morning rays transformed, turning us all from midnight blue into a rainbow of reds and yellows. It was awesome, awe-inspiring, incredible, amazing, sacred and indescribable all at once. I was consumed by awe.

The beauty of these wild creatures was breathtaking – the lusciousness of their skin, soft and rounded, shimmering iridescently in the rising sun; the intelligence radiating from their playful eyes; the vibrations of their muscles rippling through pearly skin. They clicked merrily to each other, weaving in and out, bobbing up and down. It seemed as though time had both stopped and excelled simultaneously. Finally, at some invisible cue, they turned and rolled back into the water together, propelling out into the open ocean and quickly disappearing from view.

We followed along the shore, hopelessly trailing their path until we were halted by the sea on a rocky outcropping. There, we watched the remainder of the sun’s first rays flit across the sky, soon to be overtaken by the full light of day. We climbed higher, up onto a big stone pillar that jutted out over the surf. Together we watched the last golden spark caress the water and drain from the sky.

This is the latest installment in my story. If you haven’t yet read the previous entries, click here to start at the beginning. Then continue to read each post in numerical order.


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